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Nang Young Island

Nang Yang is the tourist gem of Thailand, which is included in the TOP-100 of the most beautiful places on the planet according to Discovery. Emerald tropical vegetation, snow-white beaches and crystal turquoise waters full of colorful fish attract thousands of tourists here.

Nang Yang is an archipelago of 3 miniature islands connected by a sand spit. These land areas are called the southern, northern and middle islands. They lie about 500 m northwest of the island of Koh Tao, a boat trip takes about 10 minutes.

Video review of Nang Yang Island:

From Ko Tao daily at 10.00 and 14.00 depart boats equated to municipal transport. The price of the trip is 100 baht per person. You can also take a taxi boat at any time convenient for you. The price is 200 baht per person. In high season prices may change upwards.

The bulk of tourists arrive at Nang Yang for only half a day as part of excursions that are organized from Koh Samui or Phangan.

Nang Young is declared a reserve, and therefore visiting it is paid (100 baht per person), tourists can visit the island from 08.00 to 17.00. After this time, only guests of the Nang Yuan Dive Resort stay here. It is strictly forbidden to bring food and plastic containers with you, with the exception of sunscreens. You can not take out shells and corals. Visitors must observe cleanliness and be careful during diving and snorkeling so as not to damage the local ichthyofauna.

The only Nang Yuan Dive Resort hotel is built on the island. It offers comfortable accommodation in a bungalow for tourists who do not want to leave the island for the night or want to live in the lap of virgin nature for several days. The hotel has a bar, restaurant, sauna, you can use the services of a massage therapist.

The rooms are decorated in Thai style. The decoration is dominated by environmentally friendly materials. The main role is played by the tree.

The room is equipped with everything you need: bed, TV, air conditioning, shower. Each bungalow has a terrace that overlooks the water or mountains.

The hotel welcomes guests all year round, but the best time to visit is from mid-April to late October, when good weather sets in this part of Thailand.

central beach Nang Yang

The main property of the island is the central beach, it has as many as 3 stripes, from 40 to 50 m wide. The territory is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas for the complete comfort of vacationers. Hotel guests use them for free. Each room has 2 sun loungers and 1 umbrella; guests of the island must pay 100 baht for each item. There is also a bar, toilet and paid fresh water shower (50 baht).

A nice bonus is the clear sea on both sides of the beach. Bathing bays are within walking distance. To change the situation, you just need to cross a strip of sand. Fish are not at all afraid of people. They swim to the very edge of the coast and enjoy eating with their hands.

During high tide, the spit hides under water, you will have to get to land by wooden walkways laid along the coastline. There is no other way of moving, since there are no roads on the island.

At the top of Nang Yang there is an observation deck created by nature. These are several huge boulders that offer stunning views of the surroundings. Ascent to the viewpoint takes about 15 minutes. Part of the path must be overcome by a wooden staircase, and the rest of the route along a rocky path, so you should take care of comfortable shoes in advance.

There is a diving school on the island. Anyone can take the course. Both group and individual lessons are available.


Nang Young is ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving. The coastal depth varies from 5 to 20 m, so each guest of the resort can find the best way for him to get acquainted with the ichthyofauna. The most polarity is still swimming with fins and a mask, which can be rented directly on the island.

There are several attractive dive sites in the water area, the most popular due to their beauty and accessibility are Mango Bay and Japanese Gardens. They are located near the coast, even children can swim to the coral forests. The currents are practically absent, the water is invariably transparent, so the bottom is clearly visible. There are numerous tropical inhabitants of bright colors on the reefs: parrot fish, clown fish, butterfly fish, angels, crustaceans and other inhabitants of the deep sea.

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