Excursions in the Seychelles
Tourists come to the island of Mahe to enjoy exotic nature: picturesque views, beaches, animals, plants and colorful marine life. It is problematic to get vivid impressions exclusively from the…

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Excursions in the Seychelles
Tourists come to the island of Mahe to enjoy exotic nature: picturesque views, beaches, animals, plants and colorful marine life. It is problematic to get vivid impressions exclusively from the…

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Malaysian Resorts
Malaysia is the embodiment of the dream of a tourist paradise: summer all year round, exotic jungle, snow-white beaches and the gentle sea. The resorts of this country are always…

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Chaweng Beach

On the eastern side of Koh Samui is Chaweng Beach, about 6 km long. It got its name from the lake of the same name, located nearby. This place will appeal to lovers of parties and noisy holidays. Those seeking solitude should look for another haven.

A significant feature of Chaweng is its location. An airport was built in the immediate vicinity. When it was erected, no one assumed that over time beach life would evolve in this part of the island. About once every 30 minutes, sunbathers can enjoy the beauty of airliners taking off and landing over their heads.

The most convenient way to get from the airport. There is a taxi stand where you can order a car, there are also minibuses that run on schedule. All rates are fixed.

From Nanton Pier, you can take a tuk-tuk for 500-600 baht or a taxi for 700-800 baht. The price should be agreed in advance.

At Mei Nam Marina, where ferries arrive, you can take a taxi for 500-600 baht. If you have the strength and desire, you can walk to the road, there are tuk-tuks. A trip on such transport will cost much cheaper, approximately 100-150 baht.

The Donsak Pier is the hardest to get to, as this place is not crowded. Here ships are unloaded and loaded. Tuk-tuks come to these places extremely rarely. A trip by car will cost 800-1000 baht. Bargaining will be problematic.

! When negotiating with a taxi driver or a tuk-tuk driver, indicate that you pay for the trip, and not for the transportation of one passenger.

Chaweng Beach Panorama

Formally, Chaweng Beach is divided into 3 zones:

North (Chaweng Yai)
This is the most calm and picturesque part of the beach. The shallow bottom warms up well, so families with young children like to be here. There are many restaurants, cafes, shops and spa salons.

Most in demand day and night. The coastal strip is densely lined with sunbeds and umbrellas belonging to numerous cafes or hotels. Traders of fruit and soft drinks scurry between tanned bodies, offering their simple goods. At night, the coast is lit up by the lights of discos and parties, loud music sounds.

South (Chaweng Noi)
It is considered a respectable place where nothing should distract from measured relaxation. Here are luxury hotels. One of them, Central Samui Beach Resort, is the venue for the annual regatta, which gathers a secular audience.

Watch a video from tourists about Chaweng Beach:

The beaches of Chaweng and Lamai are in tacit competition. Both offer many accommodation options for every budget – from bungalows to luxury hotels. Prices in Chaweng are slightly higher, but slightly. They are seriously adjusted in the low season.

Cafes and restaurants offer a variety of Asian and European dishes, so they don’t threaten to stay hungry. The infrastructure is well developed in both places.

Compared to Chaweng Beach, Lamai is smaller, and therefore not so crowded. Entrance to the sea is difficult in some places by corals, while there are no obstacles in Chaweng.

Lamai is more calm. Fun parties are regularly held in local bars, but they are inferior in scope to events in Chaweng.

Water activities at Chaweng Beach

Chaweng is the center of island life. All roads lead to this beach. Here are the best places to relax, helping the farang to part with the money set aside for their long-awaited vacation. There are no problems with the choice of leisure. Cafes, bars, restaurants, theme clubs receive guests almost round the clock.

Fans of water entertainment can rent a water bike or kayak, ride a parachute. In the central part of Chaweng Beach, inflatable slides are arranged for children right on the water. There are several diving schools.

For the development of horizons, it is worth visiting the pagoda Pra Puttabat Chamlon Khao Hua Chuk. It stores the footprint of the Buddha. The building stands on a hill, offering stunning views. In swimsuits and bikinis, they are not allowed into the pagoda; clothing that covers shoulders and hips is required.

Beach near hotels, Chaweng Beach

There are many decent hotels on the coast. The following hotels are most popular.


The library
It is considered a visiting card of Samui. The hotel with designer interiors was included in all guides thanks to the “bloody” pool. This optical illusion is due to the red tile at the bottom of the water tank. The road from the airport takes only 10 minutes. Private beach is another nice bonus.

Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort and Spa
Offers great views. You can stay in a room or villa with a private pool. Some have the status of “infinity” – the edge of the pool is practically not visible, as it merges with the sky and the ocean. The rooms are well furnished. Breakfast is delicious and satisfying. Regular descents and climbs will help to lose those extra pounds – the hotel stands on a hill.

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