The resort of Lido di Jesolo. Italy
Lido di Jesolo is a quiet resort town located just 35 km from Venice. On the Adriatic coast, measured life flows against the backdrop of beautiful natural landscapes. The weather…

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Chan Island
Chang Island is a popular tourist resort located in the Southeast of Thailand. It is washed by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand and formally belongs to the province…

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Langkawi Island
About 30 km from mainland Malaysia lies the Langkawi archipelago. It consists of 99 islands, but only 4 of them are inhabited: Singa, Dayyang-Bunting, Tuba and Langkawi. The latter gave…

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Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach is one of the most popular on Koh Samui. It attracts with clear water, through which you can watch fast fishes, clean sand and exotic nature. Prices here are slightly lower compared to Chaweng. In this part of the island you can comfortably stay in a hotel or rent an apartment at an affordable price. A wide variety of entertainment is available in abundance.

Watch the video how life goes on the Lamai beach:

Regular buses run between Samui Airport and the Lamai area. The fare is 150 baht. A taxi ride will cost from 600 to 800 baht, a minivan – 200 baht.

You can drive to Lamai Beach from the pier in Nanton on a tuk-tuk for 100 baht.

Lamai Beach Coastline

The coastline is about 5 km long, it is conditionally divided into 3 beaches: central, northern and southern Lamai. Each is attractive in its own way.

The central part is the most crowded and noisy. The beach is located between the Lamai River and the Aloha Resort. It is a wide strip of sand, strewn with sunbeds and umbrellas.

The bottom goes down sharply. Thanks to this feature, the coastline does not suffer from tides, but bathers may experience problems during the wind: the underwater terrain causes quite large waves.

Lamai Beach Road stretches along the beach, there are cafes, restaurants, clubs, pharmacies, shops and a market.

The beach extends from Bill Resort to the Hin Ta Hin Yai Rocks. Coral is a little difficult to enter. The beach strip gradually narrows from 40 to 15 m. The main attraction is the stones Grandmother and Grandfather, reminiscent of the shape of male and female genitalia.

Beach lamai beach

This quiet and secluded place is located between the Lamai River and Laem Nan Beach. The winding coast is notable for its rocky cape and emerald tropical jungle. At the bottom there are corals. There are many inexpensive guesthouses in the area.

Food on Koh Samui

Lamai Beach has everything you need for a carefree vacation. Cafes and restaurants offer European and Asian dishes. A hearty dinner will cost 500-700 baht per person. For lovers of exotics, there are mobile mashnitsy with colorful local fast food.

Nearby is a large Tesco Lotus supermarket with any goods, including familiar European brands.

On Sundays, the northern part of the beach in the area of ​​the bridge turns into a pedestrian zone. A market is growing on the sidewalk. There is a brisk trade in souvenirs, clothes, shoes, food.

The night market near McDonald’s is also worthy of attention. It starts working after dark and closes when tourists go to sleep. There you can buy souvenirs, clothes, shoes and many interesting trinkets.

View from the observation deck to Koh Samui

Thailand is famous for its natural beauties. The scenery is best enjoyed in the southern part of the resort near the fishing village of Hua Thanon. The vast expanses of the jungle and emerald hills, between which veils of clouds are stuck, are revealed. Here are the cliffs of Grandmother (Hin-Ta) and Grandfather (Hin-Yai).

It is worth a look at the temple of Wat Lamai. On its territory festivals, fairs and religious holidays are held. Inside the building there is an Art Hall, where you can get acquainted with the material culture of local residents: items of clothing, household items, ancient copper and clay dishes, as well as a ceremonial drum that is more than 2000 years old.

The body of the mummified monk Luang Pordaeng is stored in the temple of Wat Khunaram. He died more than 30 years ago during meditation, reaching nirvana. They say that he foresaw his death and ordered the body to be placed in a glass sarcophagus, where it is stored to this day without any signs of decomposition.

The main street is replete with strip bars, which are worth a look for exotic, discos, restaurants and bars that promise interesting acquaintances for one night.

Lamaia has excellent spa facilities for complete relaxation, beauty treatments and various types of massages are available.

Bungalow on Lamai Beach

There is no shortage of hotels on the coast. Various accommodation options are available for every taste and budget. The price depends on occupancy, length of stay and star rating of the hotel. In the low season, prices are reduced to 2 or more times.

5 * from 150 to 500 USD
4 * from 80 to 150 USD
3 * from 60 to 100 USD

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