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Mirissa Sri Lanka

Mirissa is a small resort in southern Sri Lanka between Matara and Weligama. The town arose thanks to tourists who chose a picturesque beach and made it a rule to often visit these places. Around the holidaymakers began to build hotels, guesthouses, cafes and other infrastructure that helps guests of the island spend honestly earned money on vacation.

To get from Colomobo to Mirissa you need to take the bus next to Matara. The trip will cost about 300 rupees and will take from 4 to 5 hours. You can also take the train that goes to the Weligama station, located 7 km from the destination, and the rest of the way by taxi or tuk-tuk. If finances allow, it’s more convenient hire a taxi or mini-vein immediately at the airport. It will cost from 80 to 130 USD depending on the type of vehicle and the number of people. Travel time from 3 to 4 hours.

A strip of golden sand, framed by rows of slender palms and washed by the sapphire ocean, is often called the most beautiful place on Earth, where work problems and everyday routine are forgotten. Admiring the local nature, it is simply impossible to think of something annoying.

The length of Mirissa beach is a little more than 1 km, but thanks to the adjacent beaches you get a long lane, which is enough space for everyone.

Mirissa beach

On the main beach, the waves do not calm down almost all year round, so it was chosen by surfers, which are especially numerous from November to March. During this period, there is a peak in the activity of the water element. There are almost no ordinary bathers here.

To the east, within walking distance are 2 idyllic bays with picturesque landscapes. Here you can relax on a sun lounger under an umbrella or swim with a mask and fins. Underwater beauty is breathtaking no less than ground.

The sandy spit forms the symbolic border between the beaches; it is crowned by a small hill located just a few tens of meters from the coast. It is called Parrot Rock, and you can reach it on foot over the shallows.

The rocky hill is equipped with an observation deck. It is very popular especially in the evenings, when the sun begins to set, the ocean and sky merge on an invisible horizon, and everything around is painted in unrealistic colors. The best place for a romantic date is simply not to be found.

On the right side of the beach are cafes and small restaurants offering local cuisine. The freshest lobsters, fish, shrimp and other delicacies fall into the plate almost immediately from the sea. A sumptuous dinner will cost no more than 10 USD per person.

Very popular among vacationers is the family-run restaurant Dewmini Roti Shop. Food is cooked fast. Fresh juices and ice cream are always available.

Dimali Inn has just a few tables. The modest size is compensated by the excellent cuisine. Be sure to order Tom Yam soup and squid in red curry.

In addition to spicy dishes, the Esprit d’ici Restaurant offers great views. The prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly.

Restaurant Little Tuna is more like the house of an old friend who loves guests. You can sit on the veranda at the low tables on the pillows, in the garden or lazily swing in a hammock. As the name suggests, tuna dishes dominate the menu, but other delicacies are also available.

There are several bars for surfers on the beach. You can recognize them by the thematic surroundings.

There are many accommodation options for tourists. Hotels are located along the ocean. They are almost always filled with tourists. Hotel employees are ready to satisfy any whim of guests, and few will refuse such a temptation. Room prices start at 2500 rupees. It depends on the season, number of nights and star hotel.

Mandara Resort is for couples. Great food, clean rooms, furnished in a modern style.

Mirissa Hills offers to live in the lap of nature, but with all the achievements of civilization. The resort is surrounded by colorful countryside. The hills offer stunning views.

At Madunandani Ayurveda Health Resort & Spa you can not only have a great time, but also improve your health. Nutrition – proper, vegetarian. The location almost in the center of the village allows you to easily get to any place. There is a dive center nearby. The hotel has monkeys and peacocks.

Giragala Village is a budget hotel with everything you need. It is located on the border of 2 beaches at the spit, leading to the observation deck.

Guesthouses are in stable demand. They offer a minimum of amenities and are designed to ensure that guests will spend little time in the room. Cost starts from 1000 rupees.

Whale excursion

When you get tired of wallowing on the beach and absorbing local delicacies, go to meet whales. They migrate along the coast of Sri Lanka from early November to April from Africa to the Bay of Bengal.

Each hotel can book a guided tour. The price ranges from 4,000 to 6,000 rupees. Children under 6 years old travel for free.

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