Koh Lan Island
Koh Lan - an island in the Gulf of Thailand, located about 9 km from the mainland. It is very popular among tourists who want to enjoy the crystal water…

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Resorts of Cambodia
Today, Cambodia is popular among tourists who want to add a little spicy exotic to a chic vacation in Southeast Asia. The beaches in the Khmer kingdom are not inferior…

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Resorts of Cambodia
Today, Cambodia is popular among tourists who want to add a little spicy exotic to a chic vacation in Southeast Asia. The beaches in the Khmer kingdom are not inferior…

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Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka

Unawatuna is a small village surrounded by palm groves, fruit plantations and picturesque sandy beaches that came down as if from a picture of an advertising booklet. About 20 years ago, Discovery called the Unawatuna Main Beach one of the most beautiful in the world. Since then, a true pilgrimage to tourists tired of the cold and smog began in the south of Sri Lanka.
Unawatuna is 150 km from Colombo Airport. There are several ways to get to the resort.

Taxi. The trip will take about 3 hours and will cost about 100 USD. It is better to take an official taxi at the airport, payment is only made in rumps, so it’s worth exchanging a certain amount of money for small expenses in advance. Travel time can be reduced if you go on a paid highway, then you need to add another 10 USD to transport costs.

Bus. It will take half a day on the road. First you have to get to Colombo. To do this, take bus number 187. The stop is located next to the park. The price of the trip is approximately 140 rupees. Travel time is almost an hour. You need to go out in the Pettah area. There is a train station and a bus station, within walking distance of each other.

There are few buses going directly to Unawanuta, so it’s wiser to drive to Halle, towards which shuttles leave every 20 minutes, and from there to cover the remaining distance by bus or tuk-tuk.

By train. There is a Colombo Fort train station in Pettah. Take the Colombo-Matara train and get off at Unawatuna Station. There is one serious “but” against such a trip. Only a few trains make a stop at this station, you may have to wait a couple of hours for your departure. If you do not want to spend time at the station, take one of the many trains to Galle station, and then transfer to a bus, taxi or tuk-tuk to Unawatuna. A train ticket costs from 100 rupees. The price depends on the class of car.

Unawatuna main beach

Coral reefs protect the coastal strip from ocean waves, so it’s safe to swim on the Main Beach almost at any time of the year, while other parts of the island experience all the power of the water, boosted by winds during the monsoon season.

The reason for the success of this beach is its versatility. It will be comfortable for people of all ages, lovers of active and passive relaxation.

Small lagoons up to 1.5 meters deep are an ideal place for swimming for toddlers and the elderly. The water warms up perfectly, a shallow bottom eliminates all sorts of risks.

A little further away, snorkeling enthusiasts chose the place. The transparent ocean makes it possible to discern the colorful diversity of the local ichthyofauna.

Most vacationers prefer the western part of the beach, as it is more convenient and picturesque. In the eastern part there are hotels, cafes, restaurants and stalls.

Unawatuna Beach Video:


To get to the beach with the talking name Jungle Beach, you need proti through a small tropical grove. The modest size of the coastline is divided by giant black boulders. Once upon a time there were only locals. Over time, the beach lost its “wild” status. There appeared sunbeds, cafes and other tourist infrastructure.

A “life center” formed on Welle Dewalaya Road. Along the street are numerous hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, cafes, shops, tents selling all kinds of things, and travel agencies.

About 50 minutes drive from the resort is the Kottawa Nature Reserve. The rainforests are represented by the flora and fauna of the region.

Mount Rumassala is another nature reserve. Most of the plants represented in it are endemic, that is, they can be found only on the island. At the top is a white Peace Pagoda, donated by Japanese Buddhists to the local population.

In the town of Galle, there is a fort built by the Portuguese back in 1588. It is included in the list of iconic sights of Sri Lanka and is protected by UNESCO.

One of the main island attractions is surfing, diving and fishing. Near the beach, there is a Water Sports Center, and about 100 m from it lies a rocky island where you can meet not only bright fish, but also giant turtles.

Sunken ships surrounded by coral forests lie in coastal waters, underwater caves hide many secrets – you simply cannot find a better place for diving.

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