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Excursions in the Seychelles
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Interesting places in Paris

I want to talk about some places that are interesting to tourists and important for Parisians. Our tour began bypassing Place Vendome, named after the Duke of Wendome, the guide told us that in the place of the column, Louis XIV once stood in stone on a horse. After the revolution, in its place was a peak, and in 1810. Napoleon Bonaparte ordered to perpetuate the victories of his army by installing a 43.5-meter column with the figure of the emperor on top in the center of the square. This creation was cast from captured Austrian guns and Russian cannons captured on the battlefields. This dumb testimony of victories was destroyed and restored again. But not only the column itself is interesting, but also its surroundings. For example, house number 15 on the square is the RITZ hotel, whose luxurious apartments are worthy of princes. By the way, among the guests of the hotel there are many famous. And Coco Chanel, for whom for 35 years the hotel has become almost a “native home” – is one of them. From the time of the Second Empire to the present day, the mansions on the square belong to the most famous jewelry houses, the most expensive shops of Paris are also located there.

Place de la Concorde
Passing by, we learned that the Cathedral of Saint-Marie-Madeleine, according to the plan, was to close the prospect of Place de la Concorde (in 1764 it was called the area of ​​Louis XIV), but after laying the foundation the construction was frozen for a long time. Napoleon later decided to perpetuate the glorious victories of his army and erect a building overlooking Royal Street. The construction was not yet completed when the emperor abdicated. After lighting, the temple of the Great Army began to be called the church of Mary Magdalene. Today, organ nights are often held there.


Triumphal Arch

Another of the attractions of Paris is the Arc de Triomphe. It was conceived in 1806. Napoleon I as a “grandiose monument”, a monument to the victories of the victorious army, and then a museum, but he never managed to see his idea in life. Only in 1840 the emperor’s ashes, brought to Paris from the island where the last years of his life passed, were carried under the arches of stone. And the body of the late Victor Hugo in 1855. was awarded this honor. The last procession under the arched vaults marked in 1919. end of World War 1914-1918 Later (11.11.1923) the remains of the Unknown Soldier were buried at the base of the arch, and the eternal flame lit there is a tribute to the heroes of France.


Grand Palace

The view of the Grand Palace with a huge glass dome and the Small Palace, located opposite each other, was particularly impressive. Both were built for the World Exhibition in 1900. In the western part of the Grand Palace since 1937. Museum of Science (Palace of Discoveries), other rooms since 1993 – under reconstruction. The Small Palace was intended for a retrospective of the achievements of French art, and since 1902. there are exhibitions. Buildings are not only unusually beautiful in themselves and remarkable among architectural monuments, but also serve the good purpose of enlightenment.

The mention of the Champs Elysees (see photo with the Arc de Triomphe) is inextricably linked with Paris. The avenue, slightly less than 2 km, stretches from Soglasiya Square to Zvezda Square. Along it are expensive shops, theaters, prestigious restaurants and a lot of diverse public. But the most beautiful and romantic place is the rotunda of Lenotra (140m in diameter). Among the flower beds and lush trees, sculptures and fountains (although not working, probably due to inclement weather) it is pleasant to stroll among the lush greenery or just sit in silence.

Tomb of Napoleon

The cathedral

The Disabled House made an unforgettable impression – this is a whole complex built by decree of Louis XIV for maimed war veterans. I visited there in 1717. Peter I, who liked not only the very idea of ​​creating such a shelter for the disabled, but also the fact that cripples do not live alms, but because of their abilities they try to lead a decent existence. A battery of guns is installed in front of the northern facade of the building. If you pass under the arch, you can visit the Museum of the Army. The tank and guns are exhibited in the Honorary Courtyard in front of the museum.

the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte

The cathedral is crowned with the only gilded dome with a spire in Paris. In addition to family members and illustrious commanders of the emperor, in the center of the crypt listing the great victories on the pedestal is the sarcophagus, in which the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte are buried in 6 coffins. It is installed in such a way that every person at the balustrade can (having removed his headgear) bow his head before the emperor, thereby expressing respect to him. Nearby is the grave of Napoleon’s son, the French Eaglet, who died in 1832. in Vienna.

This was my first meeting with Paris, to know all the charms of which for 6 days in France (including trips to Normandy, Versailles and castles in the Loire Valley) is simply unrealistic. To see it in detail, it is necessary to visit it more than once. And every time you leave Paris, you need to prepare for a future date with this amazing city, which is impossible to fall in love with.

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