Ayia Napa
Ayia Napa is a Cypriot resort town, which is famous for its carelessness and love of life. Local residents never lose heart with pleasure sharing with tourists a positive mood,…

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Snorkeling in Eilat
Eilat is the southern city of Israel, washed by the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea. The resort is suitable for year-round recreation, as the temperature…

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Snorkeling in Eilat
Eilat is the southern city of Israel, washed by the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea. The resort is suitable for year-round recreation, as the temperature…

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Review of holidays in Bangkok

Bangkok was the final destination of our stay in Thailand. And if Pattaya pleased with a fascinating excursion program, and Koh Chang – a relaxed paradise, then Bangkok left a double impression in my heart. On the one hand, the noisy and vibrant capital has opened for us a look of ordinary Thai life – bustle, loud noises and the absolute absence of traffic rules. The other side of the coin showed the unusual flavor of the metropolitan atmosphere. Therefore, everything in order.


Leaving Koh Chang and returning to the mainland of Thailand, I decided to try a banana shake on the ferry. And although I initially liked this refreshing cocktail, after a few hours I felt nauseous and unwell. All the symptoms were very similar to those when my husband and I drank a bottle of cognac with ice, and on the second day we lay down, and could not get up. Later, I thought that the blame was on the ice. It is probably made from ordinary untreated water.


Hotel Prince Palace

In general, somehow with stomach pains and weakness, we got to Bangkok, where we saw our four-star Prince Palace hotel. Despite all the pathos of the ground floor, decorated with gold décor, rest at this hotel was a real disappointment. Terrible service, monstrous cleaning, if you can call it that, and huge crowds of tourists. The layout at the hotel is very inconvenient – to get to your room on the 21st floor, you had to take the elevator to the 11th floor, walk through a huge corridor and take the next elevator.

The room was not bad – a bedroom, a kitchen with a living room and a bathroom, however, the service left much to be desired. A huge dead cockroach lay in the corridor, and after the so-called cleaning, I saw dark hair in the bathroom. In general, without stopping for a long time in this creepy room, we went for a walk.


knock Knock

The first day we decided not to go sightseeing, but to see the life of Bangkok, which can rightly be called crazy. Not even a huge number of people and cars were struck, but a complete lack of road etiquette. We witnessed a situation where a policeman could not stop the flow of cars to let a woman with a stroller pass on a zebra. Any car can sharply turn right on the road and go along the oncoming lane. Because of this, huge traffic jams are created through which only tuk-tuks can pass.

Capital tuk-tuk is significantly different from the transport of Pattaya and Koh Chang. If there is a tent truck with benches, then in Bangkok it’s such a tricycle, which works so loud that it puts your ears in it. Interestingly, riding on such a transport will cost twice as much as a taxi, because this is a colorful and extreme exotic. I was a little afraid of riding it, but my husband was really excited. I liked taxis more – these are Toyota Corolla cars painted in bright pink. There it’s enough to say the word “taxi meter”, which translates as a counter, and you can go with profit. If on a tuk-tuk trip to shopping centers we cost 200 baht, then a taxi only 90 baht.



Before the trip, I was sure that the center of Bangkok is beautiful parks surrounded by exotic architecture and modern skyscrapers. In reality, it turned out differently: huge streams of dirty water after another rain, a terrible smell, constantly standing in the air, and Thais sitting right on the road asking for alms. Having walked along just one street, we distributed 150 baht to children and the poor.

Considering a lot of street food, we involuntarily wanted to eat, but we did not dare to buy food here after the incident in Pattaya. Then we took only 2 baht for a dish of shrimp salad and a side dish with seafood, but such a menu turned out to be just fiery, and we quenched the sharpness in the mouth with only a large bottle of water. I did not want to spend time in the cafe, so we decided to go to the supermarket. The most expensive fruit here was sweet cherry, which cost about 1,000 baht per kilogram. But we limited ourselves to a sushi set worth 150 baht, which was surprisingly very tasty. And the attached soy sauce was so concentrated and pleasant that the one I bought at home seemed diluted.

But at the seafood department, we experienced another disappointment when we saw there lobster caviar, which was sold in packages weighing 400-500 g for only 300 baht. When we bought lobster in Pattaya on Walking Street, we chose a representative with caviar, hoping to try it. Then they brought a dish to us, and they said that lobster caviar is inedible, but for some reason no one returned the money for the overpaid weight. As it turned out, it is even very edible. It’s just that we, as inexperienced, were deceived. Since it is difficult to prove something later, I do not recommend choosing lobster with caviar in a restaurant and cafe, so as not to spend extra days and nerves.

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