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The beaches of Italy. Sabaudia

Sabaudia is an elite resort located on the picturesque shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea, as well as Lake Paola. It is part of the Riviera di Ulisse, which stretches from Rome to Naples and is famous for its excellent climate. The city is surrounded by the Circeo Natural Park with pine trees and eucalyptus trees that provide healing air.

Sabaudia was built in 1934 by order of Mussolini in just some 200-odd days. Architects have created the most harmonious and comfortable resort in Italy, because it is better not to upset dictators.


The distance between cities is about 100 km. You can overcome it in a variety of ways:

By car
You need to move south along the Appian Way towards Naples. Pointers will not let you go astray. It will take about 1h.30 min to the road. Some sections of the path are paid.

By bus
It takes you to the Laurentina terminus. There is a parking lot, look for a bus with the inscription on the windshield of Roma – Sabaudia. Transport runs several times a day. Travel time 1h.40 min. Ticket price from 2 to 3 €. The exact schedule can be found here.

By train
Trains run from Termini Station to Priverno Fossanova Station. It is located 30 km from Sabaudia, in the town itself there is no train station. The trip takes 50 minutes. Ticket price – 5 €. View the train schedule and buy a ticket here. At the station you need to transfer to the bus to Sabaudia, in 20 minutes you will be there.

The Mediterranean climate determines the weather in this region. The peak of temperature records falls in August, the thermometer confidently shows more than 30 ° C, the lowest temperatures were recorded in December – only +5 ° C. Water becomes comfortable in mid-April or early May. The swimming season ends at the end of September, but under favorable circumstances it can last until mid-October. Most precipitation falls from November to March. In the tourist season, clouds can hardly ruin your vacation.


The total length of the beaches is about 30 km, half of the coastline is protected by sand dunes, similar to the white sea. Since 2003, local beaches have regularly received the Blue Flag Award for cleanliness and developed infrastructure.

The descent into the water is comfortable, the sandy bottom warms up well. It offers vacationers a variety of active entertainment: football, volleyball, water skiing, surfing, parasailing. There are playgrounds for children.

Entrance to the beaches is paid – from 15 to 20 €. There are free areas where you can sunbathe on the bedding or rent a deck chair (5 €) and an umbrella (5 €).

Lido azzurro sabaudia

There are not as many people as on the other beaches. There is enough space for everyone on the long coastline. Sometimes there are waves that arise due to the topography of the bottom and wind. An excellent panoramic view of Mount Circeo complements the rest. There are toilets, showers, a rental point for sports equipment, secure parking for cars.

There are several restaurants on the beach offering seafood and bars where the main fun begins after sunset.

The only drawback is the tightly placed deck chairs and umbrellas. Close proximity interferes with privacy.

La bufalara beach

This beach, located near the Circeo National Park, is suitable for a secluded and contemplative vacation. There is all the necessary infrastructure. Here you can often find surfers breaking through the waves. There is a small pier where vacationers like to take pictures at sunset. Several cafes serve local specialties. Food can be ordered directly on the deck chair.

Duna 31.5

This is a long beach with golden sand, on which there are many families with children. The infrastructure is well developed. There are toilets, changing cabins. Beach equipment is in perfect condition. In addition to cafes and restaurants, there is even a casino. Staying here will leave the most accepted experience.

The best time for a beach holiday in Sabaudia is from May to September. On the 30-kilometer coastline, everyone will find a perfect place for themselves to sunbathe and swim. Beach infrastructure is well developed, sand and sea are clean. The only drawback of the resort is the lack of noisy discos. They are available only on the beaches.

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