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The beaches of Italy. Anzio

Anzio is an ancient port city, on the shores of which the warm waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea are broken. According to legend, the emperors Nero and Caligula were born here, leaving a noticeable and at the same time contradictory mark in history. However, tourists do not come here for the antique past, but for the healing air, sea coolness and cozy sandy beaches. In the summer, travelers in Anzio join the Romans fleeing the heat of the Eternal City.


The distance between the capital and the resort is only 60 km. It can be overcome with several modes of transport to choose from.

By car
Take the SS207 (Via Nettunense) and SS601 (Via Ardeatina) motorways. Follow the signs marked Anzio and you won’t get lost.

By train
You need to get to Termini Train Station via any metro line. There, buy a ticket to the station Anzio and after 1 h 10 min you will arrive at your destination. The trip will cost 3.60 €. You can view the train schedule and buy a ticket here.

By bus
There are 2 bus routes. The trip will take approximately 1.5 hours. If you eat in the evening, on weekends or holidays, it is likely to get stuck in traffic. The exact bus schedule can be found here. Ticket price is approximately 3 €.

There is a bus station at Laurentina metro station (line B). From there, transport departs on the route Roma – Anzio.
A bus station is located next to the Anagnina metro station (line A). Find the one with the inscription on the windshield of Anzio in the bus string.

The weather at this resort is determined by the mild Mediterranean climate with long summers and short warm winters. The holiday season begins in mid-April or early May and ends in early October. The peak of heat comes in July when the thermometer shows more than +30 ° C. In winter, temperatures are rarely below + 10 ° C.


The beach area stretches for 12 km. It starts from Villa Nero and ends at Pine Villa. The picturesque coastal strip consists of sand dunes, separated by port facilities or stone capes. The long coastline is divided into paid and free sites. Entrance to a paid beach costs 15 €. This price includes a sunbed and an umbrella. Some paid beaches have free zones. There you can sunbathe in the sand, or take an umbrella and a sunbed for 5 € for each item.

The sea in Anzio is clean, the sandy bottom is shallow, in order to swim at a depth you will have to move a considerable distance from the coast. The beaches are kept clean. Each has toilets, showers, changing cubicles. Nearby there are cafes and restaurants where you can remove hunger after water activities.

Riviera zanardelli

The main beach of the city. Paid entrance. The coastline is very wide, the infrastructure is well developed. There are free zones around the edges, in the south and north.

South is very small, boat entrance darkens the entrance to the water.

North is the most distant. Rocks come close to the water, so there is little room to sunbathe.

Lido dei gigli

Golden sand beach surrounded by endless dunes, the height of which can reach 20 meters. Surrounded by a pine forest, it boasts crystal clear water and a shallow sandy bottom. Paid entrance.

Grotte di nerone

The beach at Villa Nero is very popular. The bottom is very shallow, so there are always many children, the water is clean. After bathing and sunbathing, you can explore the ruins of the emperor’s villa. Divers and swimmers often come here with a mask and fins. The bottom is replete with ancient artifacts and ruins of ancient buildings that were inhabited by marine inhabitants. The sand is not very clean. There is a paid shower at the seafood cafe. The entrance is free.

Tor caldara

It is located opposite the reserve of the same name. The beach is a wide strip of golden soft sand framed by dunes. The sea is clean, the descent into the water is comfortable. The place is notable for its sulfuric underwater sources, rare species of animals and archaeological finds that are regularly made here. Paid entrance.

Riviera Vittorio Mallozzi

Suitable for lazy relaxation. There are almost no active entertainment. The coastline is quite narrow, so the beds are very close. The bottom is shallow. Breakwaters provide a comfortable swim in any weather. The cleanliness is perfect. There is a great playground. Paid entrance.

Rivazzurra S.R.L.

The most remote and least populated beach. It is located between the rocks, so the descent to the shore is slightly difficult – it is necessary to overcome a high wooden staircase. Beautiful views compensate for all physical effort.

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