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How to get from Naples to Sicily

Sicily is a special region of Italy with magnificent beaches, living according to its own laws, and the point here is not at all the mafia, which is commonly called malavita, but the general attitude. Own parliament makes laws convenient for the local population; no other region of the country enjoys such liberties. And life on the volcano in the literal sense of the word leaves its mark. Severe Etna periodically recalls her power.


Since Sicily is an island, water transport is the best way to reach your destination. Ferries from Naples leave for Catania and Palermo.

Naples → Palermo
Ferries of several companies run along this route. Travel time is approximately 10.5 hours. Ticket prices differ depending on the season, cabin class, amenities provided, deck and vehicle dimensions, for which special compartments are provided.

Transportation is carried out by a single company – TTT lines. Travel time is about 11 hours. Flights are available every day. Monday – Friday at 21:30. Saturday at 19:30.

Ticket price:

adult – from 42,50 €;

children – from 23 €;

1 adult by car – 132 €;

2 adults by car – from 171 €;

2 adults by car + child – from 195 €.

The ticket price depends on the comfort of the cabin, each has a toilet and shower. Price may change upwards in high season. There are also discounts and promotions. Tickets are available for booking on the company’s website


From Naples, take the highway south of Italy to the town of Villa San Giovanni. The distance between settlements is 485 km. The journey will take a little more than 7 hours. Next, you need to catch a ferry going to the port of Messina in Sicily. The distance between the island and mainland Italy is almost 5 km. Ferries run every hour or half an hour, depending on the season. Travel time is 20 minutes. A ticket is purchased locally. Price – from 2 to 4,5 € depending on the number of passengers and the availability of personal vehicles. In general, the trip will be expensive due to toll roads and the high cost of gasoline.


Yes, indeed, trains run from Naples to the island of Sicily. The whole journey will take from 6 to 10 hours, you can get to Messina, Catania or Syracuse.

Upon arrival in the town of Reggio Calabria, the wagons are loaded onto a ferry and transported to the island, where they again put on the railway tracks. A ticket will cost from 45 to 60 €. It is best to take the night train, then the trip does not seem tiring.

2 railway companies Intercity and EuroStar Italia travel to Sicily. Tickets can be booked on this site.

Naples Central Station is in Piazza Garibaldi.


Intercity flights from Naples to Sicily are made by 2 companies several times a week from bus stations on Piazza Garibaldi or Piazza Town Hall.

Travel time from 8 to 10 hours depending on the final destination (Messina or Palermo).

Most aircraft from Naples land at major Sicilian airports – Palermo and Catania.

Airport in Palermo
Named after fighters with the mafia Falcone and Borsellino. The air harbor is located in Punta Raisi, 32 km from the Sicilian capital. Arriving passengers have no problems getting to Palermo. You can take a taxi, the trip will cost 40-50 €, or take the bus. Public transport is available from 06.00 to 24:00. Interval of movement – 1 hour. The fare is about 6 €. The best option for money and time is to catch the Trinacria Express train at the Punta Raisi train station. The price of the trip is a little more than 5 €.

The flight to Palermo takes just over 1 hour. More than 10 flights from different airlines are available daily. Ticket price – from 70 €.

Airport in Catania
It bears the name Fonterossa and is located just 5 km from the city. You can get to Catania by taxi, the trip will cost about 30 €. The bus will cost much cheaper – 2.5 €. Public transport runs from 05:00 to 24:00 with an interval of 20 minutes. The final stop is at the Catania train station.

The flight to Catania lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Ticket price – from 60 €. Several flights are available daily, most of which are operated by Alitalia.

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