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Diving in Vietnam

The tropical climate and warm waters of the South China Sea have created ideal conditions for the life of ichthyofauna off the coast of Vietnam. Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with moray eels, stingrays, funny clown fish, lionfish, angelfish and other colorful inhabitants of the depths, especially since diving in Vietnam is recognized as one of the cheapest in the world. The budget price does not affect the experience of the instructors or the quality of the diving equipment offered for rent. Here is a list of the most popular diving sites.

Dive Video:

Nha Trang Corals

The best time for diving: February – October.

The depths in this area range from 10 to 30 m, so this dive site is equally suitable for beginners and professionals.

The coral forests of Muren Beach, as well as Kozla Mountain, next to which there is a steep descent going to a depth of 40 m, are considered a favorite place for scuba diving. The name of the rainbow reef speaks for itself. A leisurely underwater walk along bizarre corals accompanied by colorful fish will leave the most pleasant memories.

Exploring the caves in the cliffs of the Madonna is a fascinating event for experienced divers.

To the south of Nyachag are the remains of sunken ships. There are no treasures on them, but the skeletons are of interest.

Whale dive

The best time for diving: February – October.

This island is located about 80 km from Nha Trang. A number of experts distinguish it as an independent place for diving, despite its proximity to the resort of Nha Trang. In the vicinity of the island there are more than 10 places for diving, with a depth of 9 to 30 m.

Diving near Fokuok Island

The best time for diving: from mid-November to early June. The depth of the bottom varies from 12 to 30 m.

The largest island of Vietnam, Phu Quoc, is in steady demand among tourists. Its crystal clear waters offer a closer look at the sea beauties. In numerous hotels you can rent the necessary equipment, diving instructors also work there. There is a diving center Rainbow Divers, which has been successfully operating since 2002.

The main feature of diving near Fukuoka is the absence of sharks. The main diving sites are at the northern and southern tip of the island, where there are many islands.

The northern part is ideal for beginners, as the depth does not exceed 12 m.It is worth diving off Turtle Island, surrounded by corals, as well as Cape Nail, where scientists discovered traces of an ancient sunken city and the remains of a ship that did not reach its destination.

The southern part is notable for Anemone Bay, the bottom of which is covered with these animals, the island of Bats and the rock of Gemini, surrounded by coral reefs. A group of coastal cliffs of Tom Nose with grottoes and caves deserves attention.

Condo diving turtle

The best time for diving: March – June.

This resort attracts a variety of tourists, including those interested in exploring the underwater beauties. Because of the insidious currents, the local waters are more suitable for experienced divers than beginners. The depths are the most diverse – from 3 to 40 m.

A national reserve of 14 islands is best for diving. It is located just 300 meters from the coast of Kondao.

Coral reefs Misty Dalat and Wall Sak are the most popular dive sites for exploring fish and marine animals. Cape Barracuda was chosen by soft corals, between which sharks scurry about. The striking beauty of the coral gardens of the Scottish Promenade and Reed beds lie at a depth of about 30 m, and therefore are available only to daredevils. To the island of Chung sail to see sharks. Fans of history are waiting for the remains of a ship in the Fish Town at a depth of 28 m. The giant perch grotto is a sunken trawler covered with algae and corals, in which fish and crustaceans found refuge.

Diving off the coast of Hoi An

The best time for diving: November – May.

Diving off the coast of Hoi An is a favorite pastime of tourists. The best places for diving are in the marine park Ku-Lao-Cham, located 21 km from the city. The reserve consists of 8 islands abundant in marine life, the most spectacular specimens can be found on the island of Cham. There is also a diving school.

There are 14 attractive diving sites in the Kulaotam area.

Dive center

In almost every hotel you can combine a beach holiday with a one-time dive for a general acquaintance with the underwater world of Vietnam. Many hotels have full-time instructors ready to teach all the basics of diving and a decent selection of quality rental equipment.

In resort areas, the “one-day diving” service is common. In the morning, the bus picks up tourists from the hotel, takes them to the base of the diving center, instructors take a short course, give out the necessary equipment, then various types of dives begin from the coast.

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